Sensing Time

Today I got some sense about time
how it has changed in last few thousand days.
All windows before seven are now closed.
Even those windows which were new
just ten thousand days ago
are now obsolete!

How many days make a life?
How many days have I lived so far?
Do I represent the computer stone age?
Yes,this is a perfect truth.
I came to this world even before the word
computer had come to exist.

Today I have sensed my ten years old
new computer has become obsolete!
There is almost no hope left but a change
Or I will fail to raech you everyday alive.

Unlike my aged eyes which can still see
unlike my aged mind which now works even better
unlike my heart which is still feeling so young
this computer has lost its game of life to the newbies.

At least seven windows is a must to rhyme with you
in words and graphics,in speed and rhythmn
or I myself will soon become invisible,dead.

But this is not my wish.
Showing great mercy to my old friend
and showing greater sympathy to my pocket
I will keep some organs of this machine
like the cabinet and display
the speakers and mouse
and maybe the keyboard too till it lasts
as memento of our pleasant companionship
for years.

For how many years were my first love alive?
For how many days did live the second?

Hoping no much good news would be pouring
into my pockets even in coming days and years
I have made a detailed plan with the technician
how we will keep many scopes to upgrade
its heart and lungs,eyes and mind
even for better to cope up with the time.

I still wanna dance with the newbies
and dance even better to show it and record
how this man has lived with the time
which has never been too fair to him altogether.


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