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There was no book in the book-fair

Yes,this is true.
There was no book for me in the book-fair.
Though I was attracted to a few
not girls,books
they were very expensive.
My daughter was with me
and my aged look which goes with me
by default.
cigarettes eat a big chunk of my budget
and I have no book shelf at all.
This will be a very tall tale if I go on narrating
my excuses.
I often think I was very rich
when I was unemployed.
I don’t remember now who they were
but certainly there were quite a few ghosts
who would supply me money to buy books
which I wanted to buy.
This time I was prepared to buy some poetry
but I found
the booksellers were not conscious about me.


Changing of direction

Willing or unwilling I had to change it often.
Towards you or just  in opposite direction I had to move.
Life has been for me only changing of direction.

Gladly or sadly I had to accept it often
to east, to west, to north and back to east
Life has been for me only changing of direction.

Saying it or by not saying, what you had told me often
I had to ignore, overlook and move in rhythm with destiny
Life has been for me only changing of direction.

Agreeing or disagreeing you had to live with or leave me alone
but from east to west, west to north, back to east and far east
Life has been for me only changing of direction.

And I heeded myself

My sleep was a pretension
and before that, saying ‘Goodnight, ‘
was a wish for leaving me alone.
Now that they were all gone I felt
comfort and peace in utter loneliness.

Free from lights and free from din
I dipped into the deep darkness
soft, silky and comfortable
I swam in my memoirs and thoughts
deep in my heart and obscure mind.

‘This place’s very cozy, so nice! ‘
I said to him, Myself.
‘Yes, Let’s discuss’ he said
‘No, we should wait for ‘She’ to come
I uttered. ‘Go to hell, ‘ he replied.

Myself didn’t like She anymore,
I knew and I didn’t like him much.
But Myself loved me and I loved ‘She’.
Disgustfully he glared at me,
anxious I, awaited She to come.

Waited long and She came at last
along with her also came Herself.
She looked unhappy, disturbed,
also embarrassed, but Herself looked sad.
She wished Myself and I wished Herself.

It was not a pleasant meet for me
I tried but could not convince She.
but She could convince Myself very well
Herself I saw was hiding pain and tears
She went saying ‘Forget me, please dear’

She deserted me, my heart, wretched
a gloomy Herself only followed her
and glaring at me Myself did utter,
‘Look, She has killed yourself in her,
you must kill Herself in you, or die.’