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One idiots

Who says there need be two
three or more ? Grammar?
I am the last person to speak about me.


There was no book in the book-fair

Yes,this is true.
There was no book for me in the book-fair.
Though I was attracted to a few
not girls,books
they were very expensive.
My daughter was with me
and my aged look which goes with me
by default.
cigarettes eat a big chunk of my budget
and I have no book shelf at all.
This will be a very tall tale if I go on narrating
my excuses.
I often think I was very rich
when I was unemployed.
I don’t remember now who they were
but certainly there were quite a few ghosts
who would supply me money to buy books
which I wanted to buy.
This time I was prepared to buy some poetry
but I found
the booksellers were not conscious about me.

Writing is my destiny

Says Google
21,700 results in 0.24 seconds
for “writing is my destiny”
and I am sure it will increase.

I will be one of 21,701.
You maybe already there
or appear next to me.

Asking again
“reading is my destiny”
only 0005 results in 0.50 seconds.

You need not be upset.
Readers are not writers
So Google fails to locate.


Satiated, desiring but not having enough food to offer some, is also poverty,

Sheltered, wishing, but failing to accommodate a guest, is also poverty,

Treated, prescribed, but unable to effort better treatment is also poverty,

Clothed, requiring but can’t afford sufficient to meet the need is also poverty,

Educating, meritorious, but failing to provide better education is also poverty,

Social, invited but avoiding a ceremony to avoid buying a gift is also poverty,

Celebration, aspiring but fearing expenses not celebrating is also poverty,

Friend in distress, desiring but incompetent to help a friend is also poverty,

oppressed, rights denied, deciding but failing to buy justice is also poverty,

Time elapsed but not repaying debts for not having money is also poverty.