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may I help you

Someone have told it
I don’t know who
“adversities do not come alone”
and I have witnessed
in several occasions in my life
how true these words are.

When time is not good
bad news pours in flooding.
I feel I am put into a trial
of my capacity to absorb shocks.
They come like waves
to blow away all my resistance.

Every preparation to tackle them
is lastly proved futile
against mighty blows of misfortunes.
Chain of unfortunate events strike
as if I am an enemy in a war.
All my forts are one by one
destroyed into the dust
til I have nothing to lose.

you never know
where from the next missiles will
come to hit your peace and happiness.
If you are doing economically well
your emotional front may be attacked.
If you are emotionally sound
you may be economically bankrupted
or your health may be at stake.
So and so on.

This is my experience now for decades.
More or less now I am adapted to it.
Now I almost automatically get ready
to receive next blows
when a bad time seems to click.
Reflex?May be.I don’t know what
but it happens and sends me an alarm
to do whatever I can do
to check the disaster incoming.

The mechanism seems work.
The only thing I try to save
after trying every other thing
is my courage.
I have taught my mind
nothing is permanent
not even bad time.
Everything comes to go and so will
even adversities.
like happiness and joy
period of sorrows also
do not last for ever.

I don’t however agree or mean
they gets evaporated into the air
but one thing I sense surely happens
we get acclimatized to live with them.
So blows,my friends,shall come
and saving our courage we will
continue to fight with them and win
just by learning how to live with them
and this is what I understand
the life is all about.