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a frog on your foot

What do you do
when a frog
jumps on your foot?

I have seen it today
that I jump
mainly for two reasons.

I don’t want it to be killed.
I don’t want it to cause me
a kind of discomfort.

I’m not going to anywhere
with this frog. Jumping
we went in our ways.


a boar in a farm

The way the boar looked at me
I felt I was very known to him.
Nearing a few steps closer
when I looked at him eye to eye
grunting he said something to me.

I did not understand what he said.
May be he told how boring it was
living a life behind the bars.
May be he told how boring it was
to become a boar in real life.

Suddenly a thought visited my mind
If fables of Jataka were all true
this boar could have been anyone
who were once a human like us
now reincarnated as a swine.

Closely examining his face
I discovered some similarities
with an aged human face also.
I did not tell it to anyone else.
Such thoughts are better not told.

Foul with the fowls

Every Sunday one fowl dies for me.
A killed and dressed fowl goes to my home
weekly to meet my family ration of meat.

It takes only a moment for the bird to be slain
when I pretend to look at the crowd
to prevent my eyes from falling on bloodshed.

My heart falls little weak at that time
but mind helps me overcome uneasiness.
It says I just can not be too good to every fowls.

I am going steady with this weekly program.
I have no idea if I am playing any foul with the fowls.
I have also not heard of fowls having any complaint.

memory of a snake bite

we were three
She,you and me.
Around a table
in a cozy restaurant
silent we sat
sipping soft drinks.
The waiter returned
with order for snacks.

Unlike any other day
in the same place
today we were
searching words
to ease
the atmosphere.
We smiled
very unusual.

Only she knew
what we had
in our minds.
Only she knew
what we were
about to tell
to each other.
She looked
little uneasy.
I could predict
no snake around.
Only I remember
for me it was
very important
to let you know
how important
you were
in my life.
For me it was
a must
to let you know
how badly I was
needing you.
I was restless
worried nervous.
I was all set
to let you know
I loved you.
I did not apprehend
a snake was
hissing around.
I told you
I was getting
dependent on you
I told you
it would be hard for me
to live without you.
I told this
I told that
but before you smiled
I could not tell
the simple thing
that I loved you.
The snake by now
entangling my throat
took a perfect position
to enter its teeth.
You told
while you smiled
that nothing as such.
happened to you
or going to happen.
The snake poured
venom into my veins
drop by drop.

The best goat

Firstly you have no commitment to tell the truth.
Secondly you are a slave of your habit.
Thirdly you’ll restrain thinking
you might have to digest a bigger blow.
Fourthly ” such things are better not told” kind of etiquette
shall keep your mouth shut.
Fifthly ” a mad should not be called a mad” kind of
general knowledge shall pose hindrance in your way.
Sixthly you’ll take shelter in a safe middle path of
” Not me,let someone else say it” kind.
In seventh you may say “Not now,some other time”.
In eighth ” why do you think this way?”
In ninth “Leave it, say something else”
From 10th to 100th lots of other excuses.
Thinking,I will never get an answer to my question
“Am I the best goat you’ve ever come across?”

The animal I fear most

Which animal do I fear most if you ask me to name
I’ll surely say it’s the race human (though I’ll feel a little shame)

They are the cruelest beasts I’ve ever seen, heard and known
(I’m afraid you’re getting angry with me and you surely frown.)
But if you allow me to tell and to justify what makes me to think
Such awkward thought I might try to tell you all about the link.

Look, at the creatures that you have considered to be very cruel
Are all extinguished from the earth as the human started to dwell.
Wherever they lived, on earth or in very deep inside the sea
The race human surely killed them not listening to their plea.

They could not save themselves by their might in an unequal fight
With the race human and have lost their inhabitation and right
To live on earth as the God’s creation with the boon of life
The race human have made them to perish using only a knife!

What I fear most of human race is it’s very sharp brain that kills
Not only who belong to its enemies but also whomever it feels
Not in accordance with its wish or not useful to meet its lust
For just anything it may desire or not in match with it’s thirst.

Whatever they are they’ll have to perish be it an animal or plant
The race human as if has conquered the right to decide and grant
The bliss of life to which it feels will act for its selfish interest
And ensure it’s shameless regime on earth and to kill the rest!