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Just for fun

few seconds
deleted two
of my new poems
which I wrote for contests.
May be a few days later
I will delete this poem too
cause this is also not a poem
which will win your heart ,mind or favor.Lol.



I don’t believe
I’m going to dye soon.
Actually I don’t wish to dye now.
In fact I don’t have any reason to dye.
I don’t,don’t, don’t.
I hate dyeing.
my hairs are still black enough.

But this is a crazy world.
People are dyeing everywhere.
No age bar for dyeing
Red,yellow,black and white
everyone dyes.
Anyone dyeing any time.
Dyeing has become a fun almost.

N.B- There is no typo in this poem
Please read this poem once again
after reading it as it is, please read it again replacing the words
dye=die and dyeing=dying