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The Key of Love

The designer engraved
the name of Love
on a key chain which will
hold the key of a chest
where happiness is locked



and I became a child again

Recently when I got a week full
having no hurry to carry
my children for tuition
or to carry my self to the office
I thought it would be all better
to take leave from
the all poetry too.

My prayer sincere I found
was sanctioned
as I didn’t feel
much pressure from my pen to write
more and more poems
like a sales person dying
for achieving the sales target.

The ring tone of my poetry
is basically sad
and I know that
my poems are lava of
my erupting unhappiness.
So, I had no pressure to write means
I was feeling happy.

That’s the secret
I am trying to share with you
that searching readable in book self
I explored and read stories of Birbal
a courtier both wise and witty
of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar
enjoying almost like a child, once again.

Her name is not Julie

I call her Julie but this is not her name.
She is my anonymous friend.
Her happiness makes me happy
and her sorrows make me sad.
But searching you won’t
find her anywhere
for she lives in my thoughts.

Trying to reach each other we clean
facade and blind
johari window panes.
She is not one who gives me up
nor one I can give up either
and thus our friendship grows.
I call her Julie but this is not her name.

Even if everyone is happy

Every one of everyone is happy
but this does not bring happiness
to someone.
One of someone never agrees
this is any reason
not to be unhappy.

Some thing of something
is always wrong
only with the one of someone.
Anyone may think
just anything about him
like wise or fool but who cares!

One of someone shall always think
only the way he likes to think.
He may also be a She
for your convenience.
You have to deal with him
or maybe with her
sometime or some other time.

Maybe then you do not lose
your patience precious
and take the chance to learn
how is it not to cry
when you should laugh
and how is it not to laugh
maybe when you should cry.

I will write poems

When you are busy
making money
buying lands
and maybe
happiness too
I will write poems
of wings to fly abroad.
They will carry mostly sorrow.

You will make your passport
get visa
get checked ins and out
in customs
while my poems shall migrate
like birds.

There you will
like every one else
who visits
find everything
everyone finds
and even migratory birds
on unseen brooks.

There you will
meet people, sharing love
caring so much
making your stay, pleasant.
But still
you may not find
birds, my poems
on their sorrowful hearts.

The reason maybe
you’ll have no time
to look at them
or they will have no reason
to show you at all.

I don’t know

I don’t know when such time
comes to you
when you suddenly change
your attitudes
and start doing things opposite
which you have most carefully
tried to avoid doing so far.

How can you start loving
if you have always hated?
How can you start hating
if you have always loved?

The man you are or the woman
is not made in a day.
There we are
where we feel safe and comfortable.
Your happiness and mine
as such, are coming from
different circumstances.
So is about our satisfaction.

Here it becomes difficult
to convince other
why someone is happy
even sharing his fraction
and other in keeping his whole.
Why are you not like me
is as such, a dispute never resolved.

save today to spend tomorrow

There were two things I thought
recurring expenditure
and recurring income.

First one was surely the devil
and second was the savior and so
I planned to keep the devil at bay.

But it was never very easy doing
all the right things in your life
and so the earth was not yet a heaven.

Specially for me it was almost
an impossible task to agree that it was possible
to cut short my expenditures.

It was a question of changing altogether
my habits and my life style.
It was question of sacrificing some of my dreams.

And the hardest part of it what I thought was
to convince my family that season had now changed
and so, we required to adjust with the climate.

To my great astonishment for the first time I saw
my wife was much informed in this matter
and she was waiting for me to understand.

So my battle against recession was now half won.
We made “save today to spend tomorrow” our mantra.
We decided to keep all our buying decisions pending.

She found happiness in gardening as I found it in poetry.
Our children found saving coins in piggy banks
was also very amusing instead of buying chocolates.

You must have also heard, tomorrow never comes.
So our children found happiness in thoughts
what our mantra “Save today to spend tomorrow” will yield.

May I take the risk

Feeling it risky to let you know
my bad habits of looking through
what makes it when I am happy.

Taking advantage of the system
I roam around your comments
on other poems to weigh your words.

May be I am sick and diabetic
so desperately I try to separate
every tiny sugar crystals in your words.

My happiness soon vanishes
when I explore your kind attitude
to make everyone happy irrespective.

This is not good.I am agreeing.
This in fact acts as an obstacle
in my way leading to happiness.

But truth remains unchanged.
How sweet be the sugar in life
there are people who has to avoid it.