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The shirt which we did not buy

Maybe soon by the end of the week
next,we will find him,on the way
among the crowd festive
wearing a particular shirt.

The man is not important here
but the shirt which he wears.
We didn’t buy this shirt today
but he did.

I don’t know the man.
He doesn’t know us.
Neither does he know
his shirt has a poem in its pocket.



Lastly there are three pieces left.
All are equally important to me.
All are equally demanding too.
Apparently, they do not
relate to each other, but somehow
they have been homely with me.
I have been also same with them.

They make my day
and make my night too.
My job, stock market and poetry
are one is to one is to one to me.
I search my peace in them
and maybe my salvation too.
Meet me with any of them.

I will write poems

When you are busy
making money
buying lands
and maybe
happiness too
I will write poems
of wings to fly abroad.
They will carry mostly sorrow.

You will make your passport
get visa
get checked ins and out
in customs
while my poems shall migrate
like birds.

There you will
like every one else
who visits
find everything
everyone finds
and even migratory birds
on unseen brooks.

There you will
meet people, sharing love
caring so much
making your stay, pleasant.
But still
you may not find
birds, my poems
on their sorrowful hearts.

The reason maybe
you’ll have no time
to look at them
or they will have no reason
to show you at all.

What’s is written, written

It will be a great surprise
if you don’t walk away with a smile.
How come things written on the wall
be proved wrong?
Those are written in great consensus
observing your behavior
years after years.
Oh, humanity, you are too bare
to keep faith upon.

Every time you walk away
a flame of hope is again extinguished.
Every time you walk away
they close their eyes again
who sleep there now for centuries
to awake in a morn when
they will have to erase those words
on the wall for writing anew.
But see, you too fail to become the reason.

Sense of humor of time

Time plays a game with me.
A monetary game.
My wife also knows how well
time plays this game
surprising us with it’s timing
and sense of humor.
Who but time should have
the best sense of timing?
May be your question
because I haven’t told you yet
the story behind.

Today it so happened
I took Rs.4500 for buying books
where I required to spend
Rs.3600 only.
Happily returning the balance
Rs.900 to my wife when I tried
to sit on my wheel chair
for surfing internet
I found the chair was broken.
Soon I had to rush to a mechanic
to get it repaired for the world.

They took Rs.700 for repairing the chair
and Rs.150 was spend on transportation.
My sudden emergency expenses
are always within the sum
remaining as balance in my hand.
This is a good news but
the bad news is
whenever I have some money
I’ll surely have such emergencies too.

a perfect plan next time

Twice this year I became very happy.

Once when I opened two accounts
in a bank for small monthly savings.
Once again today when I could close
both the accounts without much hassles.

A plan of saving extra money is sweet
but money in hand tastes sweeter.
Bitterness is postponed till next year.
Sadness is digested for once more.
I will make a perfect plan next time.

save today to spend tomorrow

There were two things I thought
recurring expenditure
and recurring income.

First one was surely the devil
and second was the savior and so
I planned to keep the devil at bay.

But it was never very easy doing
all the right things in your life
and so the earth was not yet a heaven.

Specially for me it was almost
an impossible task to agree that it was possible
to cut short my expenditures.

It was a question of changing altogether
my habits and my life style.
It was question of sacrificing some of my dreams.

And the hardest part of it what I thought was
to convince my family that season had now changed
and so, we required to adjust with the climate.

To my great astonishment for the first time I saw
my wife was much informed in this matter
and she was waiting for me to understand.

So my battle against recession was now half won.
We made “save today to spend tomorrow” our mantra.
We decided to keep all our buying decisions pending.

She found happiness in gardening as I found it in poetry.
Our children found saving coins in piggy banks
was also very amusing instead of buying chocolates.

You must have also heard, tomorrow never comes.
So our children found happiness in thoughts
what our mantra “Save today to spend tomorrow” will yield.

Where’s money?

But where’s money?
When ultimately
you come to this question
my poetry silently walks away.

No moon, no star
no bird, no flower
no sky, no mountain
can truly make her smile.

Hurt, wounded
disappointed and sad
now she thinks for hours
what is her real value on earth?

For hours and days
sometime even for weeks
she doesn’t feel easy to come near
because she earns no real money for me.

Debts and weights

Do you know dear one
how every time your weight reduces
when every time you stand
seeking help at our doors?

Don’t you really know
how every time you kill
your trustworthiness
when every time you fail to keep your words?

Don’t you also know
that we do not forget
your promises of returning debts
when good time returns to you?

Then why did you allow yourself
to act with us this way
that we don’t anymore
solicit your presence from our heart?