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But birds do really sing

Birds do not inspire me to write poem.
Often I see them a few loitering
here and there or sitting idle.

They say they sing to them but
I had no idea when they really sing.

Neither I know anyone who bothers
whether the birds sing or do not.

Once or twice whenever I tried
to concentrate on birds

I could not discover much reason why
a bird should be that happy to sing.

I still don’t know why but I felt it last night
or when it was almost dawn

the birds really sang so sweetly outside
that once I woke up from my sleep
and went to sleep again very soon mesmerized.


A morning walk

Look there, I’m walking with a friend besides me
at this foggy seven in the morning
instead of sleeping, up to the nine.
I hear, who walks, walks even at four
when sometime in summer
it’s time for me even of going to the bed.

But I want to leave no scope for you to think
I’m insomniac.You can instead, think me a poet.
A poet who sleeps and wakes in twenty first century A.D.
This is important to mention here because,I guess
a poem may travel across centuries
and who knows it is not mine?

Look there again,Look
I’m walking with a friend besides me.
Walking,talking,telling this and that
you may even guess, what, if you have at least
a few patch of whites in your hairs
or if you have a grown up child who is
appearing on a high school exam this year.
Then you might also have reason for walking with us
right here tomorrow morning.

Look, there we stop, near the tea stall.
This will be my second cup of tea here
leaving the first cup at home.
Who cares, how many cups we share
enjoying this rarest and funniest discussion.
With advantage to our age seems we have
lots of hot topics to share.

The want of more cash in life and its absence
is something where we started from and soon
we shifted from topics to topics with added spices.
And it was all set for us to have a shift
to philosophy soon and there too we went
discussing to our hearts content.
No intention, message or dogma-
but I wish, you too enjoy, such a morning with us.

a sandy day out

Something just happens
for once in a life
like a trip to a desert
a day into the sand
with sandy people
singing and dancing
colorful desert girls
with the elderly man
who plays a charming bin.
A delightful camel ride
too far,too far.
If luck permits
a pleasant sun set.
Walking on dunes
falling on it
and trying again.
An evening in a camp
sitting in a mehafil
leaning on pillow
with hot cup of tea
enjoying exotic song
eating spicy food
enjoying exotic dance.
and all of a sudden
a light desert storm.
all you can witness
just in a day
just like me.
So don’t ask me
what’s there to see
into the sea of the sand.
Just make a plan
as quick as you can
a trip to that land
of great Jaisalmer.