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Geet- the song

“Aaja tujhko pukare mere geet re
O mere mitoya……mere meet re”
My age of adolescence.
” Come on, my song calls you
my dear,come on”.
Heart wrenching
famous hindi song in celluloid.
Mala Sinha, my first Love!
Rajendra kumar, my hero
or myself?

“Chand Suraj ki yeh prem kahani
prem jagat main hain sabse nirali”

“The Love story
of the Sun and the moon
Oldest in the world of Love”

“Naam na jane tera ghar na jane
reet na jane sangeet na jane”

” don’t know your name, nor home
neither your customs nor music”

The boy from the remote village
Rajendra kumar, me, cries
for his lost love Mala Sinha.
Everyone cried for the innocent boy
in a dark room, cinema hall.
Everyone thought
it was not fair that each time
a rich girl should break
a poor boy’s heart.
Wet handkerchief
Red eyes
Empty hearts.
Show break.
Me too cried
for my lost love

And thereafter
came more heroes
more heroines
to make me cry.

“O sathi re tere bina bhi kya jina
Tere bina bhi kya jina”
“O my soul mate
what’s the use of living without you
what’s the use of living without you”
Now it was not Bacchan, me
the poor boy.
Not Rakhi, my lost love.
A real one,fading.

B R E A K.

She came.On screen
and one in my life
not at all Rekha.
Now there was gossips
in Bollywood
and there was gossips
in my life too.
There is no truth
in gossips.
The world knows.
Now I know.

Raj Kapur warned

“Jaane kahaan gaye woh din
kehte the teri raah meein
najaron ko hum bichhayenge”

‘where did those days are gone
when you said that in my path
you will lay down your eyes.’

But I didn’t listen for a while.
Mukesh became my favorite singer.
Those days, I would sing Mukesh a lot.

You have arrived
pretty late you know.
My charming days are almost all gone.
Else, I was the best match for you
unlike those pansies
who can not even sing.


“Lyrics of famous Hindi film songs written by legendary Hindi poets are included in this poem and the translations are also gathered from different websites.”I do not claim any credit for these lines as my own.