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Who has no pen

I am very happy that I have a pen to write
one that immensely helps me to bring out
my feelings rooted so deep inside my soul
I am so lucky that I have a pen to extract
my pains that would otherwise be souring
fine tissues of my heart that loves to love
every heart dear, every heart far and near.

I feel sorry for them who don’t have a pen.
once I didn’t have one so I know very well
how hard it is to carry pain and sufferings
how disgustingly sad, tiresome it is to bear
the burden of tears that falls against wish.
I feel to share my pen with them for them
who have only pains but no pen to extract.



I do not belong to you.
I only belong to myself.
This may be my-ill-self
But very undone I am.
I can not at all pretend
to please you that I do
belong to you after all.

I am in fact not ready
To face a face anymore
That would only cause
Silent pain in my heart
I am not willing to bear
the truth of a lie untold.
I can just bear no more.

One more poem written

Dear ones.
This is just one more poem written
Which will not cease my pain or yours.
Which will only pass from me to you
And from you to someone else and
We all will share the joy of pain together.
And together we will enjoy the pain
Passing it from eye to eye and
brain to brain polluting virgin minds
Letting the world know how the mankind
Suffer and causes to suffer his and her

Dear ones.

This is just one more poem written
This is just one more poem written.