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One idiots

Who says there need be two
three or more ? Grammar?
I am the last person to speak about me.


Explaining absence

Not that I don’t want to go.
Not that.
This is our social obligation that we do
respect invitations.

Let the invitation come
either from your or my
relatives or friends
Let this be an invitation for
a marriage ceremony or betrothal

We need respect every invitation jointly
I don’t care how you explain
my absence
or you don’t care how I do
explain yours.

I have an old complaint
and now I myself am old.
I have explained it so many times
and now I want you go alone
and do it yourself.

via Explaining absence.

My poems are too good

My poems are too good
but they are in search
of right people to go through.
I wait for them to come
and taste.

Someday, I believe
they’ll come
and read them with love
as much
as I write them with.

They will go through
every sentence and word
and every letter
leaving not even a comma
or a full stop unexamined.

Everything in it
will speak to them.
Everything in it
will make them smile or cry
and reading my poems
they will wonder how
could I know their truth
so true!

The sad part of this story
is only this much
that when they really do
I may not be found
that they can share
their feelings with me.

I don’t think this internet
will ever be so powerful
to carry their feelings to me.
But who there again not rear
a child or a dream
proudly to fill his absence?

poem of poems

Three days have already passed
and no new poem.

Small and big fishes are all around
but none is interested for the hook.

Thoughts moving, slipping, sliding,gliding
almost mocking at the bait.

The patience of an angler
is only comparison to that of a poet.

Got to catch big, wait, wait, wait.
If not today, come tomorrow

or again day after, after, after.
an angler and a poet should have

no time bar.No calendar.
The clock isn’t made for them.