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The pen which can sleep for a year

The pen decided to sleep
at least for a year
and except for once
when it woke up for a cry
the pen enjoyed
a painless time.

Let the gift of freedom
even not to write
anything at all
be fully enjoyed
(even) by the pen
unless it feels otherwise.


Hey, I’m the genie

My search ends
when at last I come to know
I’m the genie.
Genie in the bottle.

“I’m deceitfully trapped”
this is how I feel about me.
I have immense power
of doing good, doing great
but you fools
you have blocked me here
almost dead.

For such a long time
I am locked in this bottle
helpless, undone!
I’m not sleeping
I’m not blind, I’m genie
always trying to break away
from my prison of glass.

I’m very worried
for showing you my miracles.
You fools, I’m waiting
I’m waiting to be freed