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I hear, you believers asking me to hasten
for booking a seat for me in heaven, Jannat
Paradise or Swarg wherever I may deem fit
but booking is a must or I may be the last
person to enter heaven’s door or I may be left
outside the gate repenting my deeds not done.

But whom I tell my woes that I have but alas
forgotten to earn my coins to obtain the pass.
Whom I tell my sorrow that for centuries long
I have stalled undecided thinking which door
to enter into that place full of heavenly grace,
and undecidedly I halted in my mundane base.

Whom I tell my trouble of finding myself unable
solving the sole puzzle of ideal plan for travel.
Whom the best should I try to reach at the end
If He lives in the Jannat, Swarg or in the Heaven
Will someone be so kind to tell me it heart driven
If that is the end of ways and if He is the only Even.



In the vast realm of God’s billion creations
I have to trace and interpret my exact location

measuring with acute precision I have to know

my horizontal, vertical and angular distances
perfect up to every degree, minute and second

from them who praise God for gifting a life
from them who refuse to thank Him for this act

from them who say they are blessed with it
from them who say they feel they are cursed.

Once I am done my friend I shall let you know
exactly where I am, how I am and why I am.