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One day it happened like this.
Rising from a slumber
suddenly my mind said
“damn it.
Let her stay or let her go.
Let the matter be settled.
Let her get lost if she desires.
Let her escape if she desires.
If this is of any advantage to her
Let her also get some faults.
Let her go.”
Her going was felt so proper like this.
Staying was also felt improper like this.
One day it happened like this.
suddenly my mind said
“Let everything end.
Let her go.
Let her go.”


I wish I be a phoenix

I lay scattered before time helplessly
Which I see slipping away very slowly
from my unwilling hand gradually!

What should I call it? My inability?
Ignorance? Irresponsibility?
Weakness? Destiny?

Is that my failure to say my need?
Is that because I didn’t greed?
Is that because I didn’t plead?

Well, now I shout with my might
IF what I didn’t do was alone right
I’ll do them now to give a strong fight.